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Update Dinner Venue for IFS:
25th October 2014 : Welcome Dinner

Venue:                                 Ban Heng Restaurants, RELC Building, (Behind Shangri-la Hotel)

Address:                              30 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258352 

(All to be seated before 7.00pm)

26th October 2014 :  Farewell Dinner

Venue:                                IKOI Restaurant 

Address:                             Hotel Miramar Singapore, 401 Havelock Road, Singapore 169631

(All to be seated before 7.00pm)

It has been finalized!

This year 5th International Friendship Seminar will be held in Singapore!!

(Click on the link to read about their profile, One Instructor profile will be released every week)

Shimamoto Katsuyuki Shihan (8th Dan) - Japan


Osamu Obata Shihan (7th Dan) - Toronto, Canada


Shane Riley Sensei (7th Dan) - Yorkshire, United Kingdom 


Aziz Belhassane Shihan (6th Dan) - Belgium


Philip Lee F.C Shihan (6th Dan) - Singapore


Frank Burlingham Sensei (5th Dan) - Lowestoft, United Kingdom 



Babis Keranis Sensei (5th Dan) - Athens, Greece 

Registration is now OPEN to Public (Locally and Overseas). You can find out more information on it by contacting us at our hotline (+65 6256 0111). Additionally, you can drop us an email. 

Click here to download to full registration form for local participants. for overseas participants please click here to download the form or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  via e-mail for more information.


Note: Please not that early bird special ends before 31st July 2014